“Carrie can you hear me?” I bellow in to my walkie-talkie. “Carrie it’s Lila, can you hear me?” I had just finished the most strenuous and longest hike of my life across the Grand Canyon and back again.

Open your medicine cabinet. If you see a prescription bottle from “Cunningham’s Drugs” or “Perry” or “Arbor” or “Revco” or “Eckerd,” then reading this article is mandatory.

I have a bad habit that I need to kick. I go to bed late. No, it’s not like abusing drugs or alcohol, but I’m learning more and more that something as innocent as lack of sleep could have lethal consequences.

I’m sitting in the passenger seat at an intersection. My friend is driving. I look left and right and remark that the drivers on both sides of us are on their cell phones. I make sure I’m buckled up.

Is it me or does every restaurant now seem to offer roasted Brussels sprouts?! Nothing against them, but isn’t it time to add a new vegetable to the menu? Variety is the spice of life.

My Dad was always bigger than life. As a little girl I loved to put my little feet in his big shoes and walk around the house. I remember running to the door when he came home from work so I could dance on his feet. Or how he would lift me high onto his shoulders to watch the Thanksgiving parade.

OOPS, I did it again. Every time I run a marathon I declare that it’s my last. But then someone says, “Hey, you want a run a marathon in (fill in the city) for (fill in the charity)? My life is devoted to adventure.

A great night was had by all. Lila spoke about living healthy and adding adventure to your life.

I’m not going to lie. This FACE stuff is work. But I have to believe it’s going to be worth it. And yes, it sure does beat surgery. I got on the bed today at FACE without a real clue of what Holly was going to put me through today. I was part excited (every time I lay down at FACE it’s a new experience) and part skeptic.

I have no interest in going under the knife. But if there’s a way to tighten my skin and make me look as young as I feel….. I’m in! FACE offers “one hour skin transformations” that don’t involve surgery.

I said yes. I really said yes. My boyfriend, the love of my life, Eduardo, popped the question. It happened at Detroit’s International Auto Show. It’s the same place where he asked me out on our first date one year ago to the day. Still… I was stunned.

“Were you ever bullied? I’m working on a great project called “Defeat the Label.” It’s an anti-bullying movement that works to promote an inclusive, judgment-free society, void of social labels and stereotypes;

Good things are worth waiting for. Summer is finally here. And after a spring of storms, rain and tornadoes, we can really appreciate the warmth and the sunshine like never before.

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