I’ve been to New York City dozens of times. I know the intensity of the traffic, the noise, the crowds. But this week, I got a completely different perspective of the Big Apple. I rode around the perimeter of the Isle of Manhatten on a bicycle and it completely changed my view of the city.

The Ride: It was 32 magnificent miles. You’re mostly along the river, riding though parks. It was exhilarating and bumpy and a fabulous adventure.

Along the East River it’s one amazing vista after another albeit a very disjointed path. The Greenway from Battery Park up to the George Washington Bridge was 10 uninterrupted and unforgettable miles. This is the busiest bikeway in the US. You’re dodging oblivious tourists taking selfies, along with joggers and strollers and in-line skaters. There’s really only one major hill just past the GW Bridge. The rest is mostly flat. Then you’ll hit the streets, first on Dyckman at the northern tip of the isle and then again in Harlem. Don’t worry, most streets have bike lanes and New York drivers are very accustomed to bicycles in heavy traffic. You’ll be blown away by all the things you get to see (“Wow, there’s the United Nations.” “Holy cow look at the Brooklyn Bridge.” “Statue of Liberty!!” )and how at certain points you’re so deep in beautiful, natural surroundings you actually forget you’re in the largest city in the country. New York City looked so different. It’s all about perspective.

The Lesson: It got me wondering, where else could I take on a new perspective. Next time something is starting to rattle me, maybe I just need to look at it from another vantage point. Just a slight alteration in the way you look at it and you’ll alter how it appears. Look at something from the perimeter and you’ll change your response to that situation. The message: If your relationship, or work or anything in your life needs a boost, maybe you just need to approach it from a different angle. In a relationship, it’s about seeing another person’s point of view. At work, it’s about coming to a project from a different angle. And in life, it’s about taking a completely different route than you’ve taken before.

Let me know what you think of my video.

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