Stay Healthy When You Travel from lila lazarus on Vimeo.

It never fails.  Just when it seems I’m getting into a good groove when it comes to my health… eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising…. life is disrupted.  Suddenly a trip comes up and  I’m heading to the airport for long-distance travel.  It’s usually just the thing to derail all my good efforts.

But just because you’re flying to another city or even another time zone, you don’t have to give up your healthy habits.

They’re pretty obvious but here’s a quick list of healthy tips for business travel:

Drink Water — Airplanes and even the dry air in airports can leave you seriously dehydrated.  So slow down on the cocktails and up the h2o.

Bring a Natural Sleep Aid —  Long flights (and the all-too-common flight delays) can mess with your sleep cycle.  You may want to travel with a few doses of melatonin and sneak in a catnap when you can.

Bring Healthy Snacks — Stash a few protein bars in your carry-on.  I always travel with tea bags, a packet of oatmeal, nuts and a piece of fruit.  When you bring your own munchies, you’re less tempted to buy the high-sodium, high-fat options in the airport and on the plane.

Get Moving— Nowadays, you have to get to the airport earlier than ever before to make it through security and insure that they don’t give away your seat.  Don’t waste time at the airport.  Go for a walk.  Get in your 10,000 steps for the day.  You can still make calls while you’re walking or listen to a podcast or a book on tape.  But get your circulation going before you’re forced to sit in a way-too-small seat for hours at a time.  Your body will thank you.

Just a few tweaks in your daily routine can lift your energy to new levels.

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