We heard this week that for every 100 women diagnosed with breast cancer, 82 will be CURED! That wasn’t the case 27 years ago. That’s when Detroit’s Race for the Cure started at the Detroit Zoo. I remember. I’m now in my third decade hosting the opening ceremony. What a journey. Our race is now one of the largest in the land. It’s part of Metro Detroit’s effort to put breast cancer out of business. It starts with a mission, a goal, a splash of pink and a first step. Together we are truly changing the face of breast cancer. Super heroes who are running to raise money and awareness to eradicate this disease. Listen to Ford’s Warrior in Pink Drummers beating their hearts out. Listen to singer/songwriter Steve Acho’s passionate ballad to the heroes of this race. Being part of this day changes you, moves you and helps you to believe that one day, we won’t need to race for a cure. We’ll have one.
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