1. If the story of your life leaves you without energy, change it. Your dreams are nothing without energy. If you want to live the life of your dreams, create an action plan and put your energy into it. Every time the sun rises, you get the chance to create the life of your dreams. Tell yourself: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Live your life… today and everyday… It won’t be forever.
  2. The energy you give and receive from everyone in your life matters. Energize the connections in your life and build positivity that will lift and inspire. If you need to clear the air with someone, do it now. It’s not your paycheck or your job title that will lead to lasting happiness. Put maximum energy into the relationships in your life. Kindness is energizing.
  3. Things don’t energize you, people do. All the money in the world won’t increase your vitality, energy and zest for life. But good energy may help you achieve your dreams and success in all your endeavors.
  4. Don’t waste energy searching for it. It’s inside you. Use it. We are all born with energy. Just put your hand to your heart and feel the beat. It is ever-present. The challenge is being present and turning on the switch that will allow it to flow through you at full power.
  5. Donating your energy can do more than donating your money. Giving your energy to a project or person can create a lasting impression and a powerful memory for yourself and others that will last forever. People remember the energy you left them with. Giving is energizing.
  6. You can’t share your energy with everyone; you won’t have any left for yourself. Make sure you’re putting your energy in the right place, with the right people. It’s your most valuable asset – you need to prioritize how you spend it. It’s a choice so choose wisely.
  7. Don’t try to be perfect. It fosters negative energy. Don’t be a perfectionist. All you will hear is your inner critic. Replace criticism with gratitude. It’s far more energizing.
  8. It’s not what you do, but the energy you bring to what you do. Fill your day with positive energy, replace animosity or fear with love & kindness.
  9. You won’t be thinking about your wealth, achievements or professional success near the end of life. The only things that will matter in the end are the relationships you did or did not maintain.
  10. Talent without energy will not yield results. You need to constantly couple your talent and your energy. Share your super powers with the world. Living without energy is like trying to drive your car on empty. Fuel your body AND your mind to fire up your life.
  11. Energy lives in the present moment. Don’t deplete your energy by regretting the past or worrying about the future. The only moment you can really control is this one. Things happen you can’t control, but you can always control the energy you give to any situation. Use your energy to lift and inspire people, not to blame or judge.
  12. Put energy into the words you choose. Use your words to inspire energy in others. When you speak, promote only positive energy. Remember — kindness matters.
  13. Spending time working on you, taking care of yourself, feeding your own body, mind and soul, may seem selfish, but it’s not. We can’t take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves. Taking care of yourself is generous not selfish. If you’re not serving yourself you won’t have anything left to be of service to others.
  14. Don’t mistake passing thrills or the quick buzz you get from a Red Bull with true energy. Your energy comes from within. Don’t seek energy tinctures or snake oil. Only you control your personal energy level.
  15. Even when you think you’re out of energy… you still have vast amounts. You just think you don’t. Your mind quits long before your body. Don’t let your mind be in charge of your energy levels. If your heart is beating— if you can detect your life force— you still have energy. Use it.
  16. Pop some magnesium. If you’re not eating a balanced diet your magnesium level may be low. Magnesium will break down glucose into energy. It may make the difference.
  17. Go for a walk. Even while you read this start moving. Boost your energy by moving your body. You’ll change your energy and your mood.
  18. Take a nap. It will help energize your brain. Sometimes we need to shut down to turn on.
  19. Eat your most important meal… Breakfast. So many studies show students who eat breakfast do better in school. It’s the same for adults. You’ll be happier, more energized and start your day with vitality.
  20. Don’t get hooked. When faced with anger or stress— notice it, accept it and then work to release it. Move, play music, hug someone, find some gratitude. Don’t let chronic stress erode your energy.
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