It’s so easy to come up with an excuse not to do something.   It’s not the right time.  You don’t want to do it alone.  Maybe you don’t have the right color shoes.

What are you hoping for in 2018? More adventure? More exercise? Better health? New hobbies? (That’s what my life is all about!) Every year, we are determined to keep our resolutions but somehow…

Besides, the Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, lively conversation should be an essential item on your Thanksgiving menu. Otherwise, you might as well eat alone.

The Oscar night fiasco is the best example yet of how quickly a reputation can take a hit. Pricewaterhouse Coopers had a trusted name and solid reputation. They’ve been tabulating the Oscar winners for 83 years.

He*ro — a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal.

“Wayne Roberts, 68, running for the first time since his hit and run accident.”

This is a shout out to the Detroit Pistons. At a time when professional athletes are being criticized in record numbers for their off-court conduct, this week I got to see up close and personal some true athletic heroes at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

I don’t care what anyone says… You can teach an old dog new tricks. So many people make the mistake of not learning new things— not because they can’t but because they don’t want to do it wrong and look dumb.

Back in College my nickname was “Dr. Fun.” I was always looking for ways to make the day, the English assignment or just dinner in the cafeteria more of an adventure.

It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal adventure. I was just going for a calm, yawn of a kayak ride down Lake Worth near West Palm Beach. It was a beautiful January day, the sun shining, sparkles of light glimmering on the water.

It happens to me every year at this time. Life starts moving too fast. I get this overly anxious feeling that the days, weeks, months and years are just passing me by. Wasn’t I just applying for college?

Let me start by saying thank you for clicking on this article. Those two words –“Thank You”—are so important. We feel good saying them and it’s extra nice to hear them.

Let me start by saying thank you for clicking on this article. Those two words –“Thank You”—are so important. We feel good saying them and it’s extra nice to hear them.

“Carrie can you hear me?” I bellow in to my walkie-talkie. “Carrie it’s Lila, can you hear me?” I had just finished the most strenuous and longest hike of my life across the Grand Canyon and back again.

Open your medicine cabinet. If you see a prescription bottle from “Cunningham’s Drugs” or “Perry” or “Arbor” or “Revco” or “Eckerd,” then reading this article is mandatory.

I have a bad habit that I need to kick. I go to bed late. No, it’s not like abusing drugs or alcohol, but I’m learning more and more that something as innocent as lack of sleep could have lethal consequences.

I’m sitting in the passenger seat at an intersection. My friend is driving. I look left and right and remark that the drivers on both sides of us are on their cell phones. I make sure I’m buckled up.

My Dad was always bigger than life. As a little girl I loved to put my little feet in his big shoes and walk around the house. I remember running to the door when he came home from work so I could dance on his feet. Or how he would lift me high onto his shoulders to watch the Thanksgiving parade.

OOPS, I did it again. Every time I run a marathon I declare that it’s my last. But then someone says, “Hey, you want a run a marathon in (fill in the city) for (fill in the charity)? My life is devoted to adventure.

A great night was had by all. Lila spoke about living healthy and adding adventure to your life.

“Were you ever bullied? I’m working on a great project called “Defeat the Label.” It’s an anti-bullying movement that works to promote an inclusive, judgment-free society, void of social labels and stereotypes;

Good things are worth waiting for. Summer is finally here. And after a spring of storms, rain and tornadoes, we can really appreciate the warmth and the sunshine like never before.

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