Let me start by saying thank you for clicking on this article. Those two words –“Thank You”—are so important. We feel good saying them and it’s extra nice to hear them.

Thanksgiving is the traditional time to contemplate gratitude. It’s the one holiday we
have that reminds us to be grateful. But the truth is, we could use a good dose of gratitude every single day. Not only do others want to hear it, but our mental and even our physical health get a boost from those two simple words we don’t use often enough.

Just Say It
Study after study documents the health benefits of simple gratitude. If you don’t believe me, pick up your cell phone and make a random call to someone, family or friend, and just say thank you for something they’ve done for you. Did someone inspire you? Did someone change your life? Did someone help you even in the smallest way? Don’t you owe them a thank you? Not only will it make their day, but you’ll instantly feel better. That kind of appreciation for someone else is the glue that connects you to others and improves your relationships and your sense of well-being. One of the greatest contributors to your overall happiness and contentment is how much gratitude you show the world. And the more often you show gratitude, the more of a habit it becomes.

Smile More
Saying thank you is just one way to brighten someone’s day (and yours). Another is just to put a smile on your face and share it with others. It’s a silent thank you that just feels good and sends those feel-good chemicals to your brain. Even a fake smile has the power to cheer you up. Try it. You may feel silly, but you’re starting to feel better, right?

Gratitude Moments
Start your day with a gratitude moment. Maybe you’re just happy to have woken up next to your spouse, or maybe you just love that first cup of coffee. Look around your room, look out at the sunrise and find something to be grateful for. Gratitude is a muscle you have to build like your bicep. The more you work at it, the stronger you feel both physically and mentally. It’s just a matter of counting your blessings.

Gratitude is all about being grateful for life just as it is rather than always wanting it to be different. It’s about appreciating what you have—whether it’s the 206 bones in your body that help you walk across a room or the miracle of a cell phone that can connect you with sounds and pictures from someone on the other side of the world. It’s about noticing the little things that make life more beautiful. It’s about seeing the roses, not just the thorns. Remember there is always someone who has it worse than you.

Lila’s Health Report:
In order to stay healthy, you need to stay active and engaged. In addition to exercise, good nutrition and sleep, you also need a good dose of adventure. So each month I’ll share ways to boost the excitement and passion in your life with adventurous ways to create more wellness in your body, mind and your spirit.

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