It’s not too late. Even as we firmly plant our feet one month into the new decade, you can still look back at last year and see what worked, what failed  and what needs tweaking. Life is made up of moments. What moments have you been producing?

Sometimes, in order to plan forward, you need one more look back to review and reassess.  What do you want more of in your life? Who do you want less of? What achievements still need to be savored, what goals need to be put into high gear? Only by looking back, can we really plug in to the parts of our lives that fire us up and notice the parts that steal our joy.

As I shuffle through the photos of 2019, I do my best to focus on the good moments, not the bad — what I’ve gained, not lost. Even as I see photos of my Mom (who was so much healthier a year ago), I just try to be grateful that I can still hear her voice and hold her hand.  Looking at a year of photos, you’ll be amazed by the smiles, the adventures and the number of connections made in the span of a year. Even if your life is a ten, taking a look back can help you find the clues of how you got here and keep the momentum going. If I want to make the most of this next year, then, for lack of a better cliche: Hindsight is 2020.

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