You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure. Gordon B. Hinckley

I spent days on my feet this past week and realized they can’t be ignored. They are truly our foundation. If you’re on your feet all day you need to give your feet a little TLC. The question to ask yourself is: What other parts and pieces of your life are you ignoring? We have to make sure we’re creating and maintaining the building blocks we need in every aspect of life—checking for cracks in the foundation at work and in our relationships.

Everything we do in life requires a strong foundation– your marriage, your home, your career, your health. If you don’t take time to get your footing, everything can feel off kilter. So this week’s video, focuses on your footing. If we take time on a regular basis to tend to the structure, the system, the foundation, we can keep it strong and moving smoothly. That means taking time out of your week to reflect, review and check the pillars, the beams, the reinforcements, the materials that make up what’s important to you. If the foundation is strong and the systems are in place, there is balance, less stress, less pressure.

In yoga we talk a lot about foundation. You need a strong foundation to maintain a pose. Whether it’s the hands or the feet that are holding you up, they become your platform. And we draw our strength from that connection to the earth. From there we lift up and root down. Only when we have that strength from below can we feel solid, balanced and in sync.

If you’re feeling like something you’re doing in life isn’t working… your job, a big project, your relationship… maybe it’s time to check the foundation. Why are you working there? What’s your goal? Or if it’s your health that’s not optimal, what’s the groundwork, the bedrock? What have you been eating? How have you been moving? What pillars of your body have you been ignoring? Maybe your feet?

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