Are you spending too much time at your desk or in your cubicle?  It’s hard to feel like you’re living your life when you’re knee-deep in emails and overwhelmed by your to-do list.  One voice in your head is telling you to hunker down at your desk and keep toiling through the drudgery while another voice is screaming “run for your life!”  Here’s the thing:  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Even work should be something that stimulates and invigorates you. If sitting at your desk has become a complete state of misery, then get up and take a break.  Move your body.   

Find something, ANYTHING that will get you out of this state of mind.  Preferably, you should find an activity that you never get to do.   It should be something totally out of the norm that fully engulfs you in the present moment. Make it something worth noting, worth remembering and just escape to something worth doing.  Ultimately, you won’t be proud of the time and energy spent toiling at your desk.  But you will think back on those memorable moments.  You will add up the moments you actually lived your life.  And ultimately, your work will improve.

This is not about abandoning your work.  It’s about creating a better mindset so you can come back refreshed and renewed and tackle what’s in front of you. It’s one hour.  Don’t worry— your email and to-do list will still be waiting for you when you get back and chances are you’ll be far more productive.  Not only that, you’ll clear your head and look at things from a completely different vantage point and be far more creative, to boot.  Go someplace you’ve never been.  Do something you’ve never done.  Free your mind to see things in a whole new way and then… sit back and watch how inspiration has a way of finding you.  Let me know how it goes.

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