Picture the finish line.  No really.  Picture yourself crossing the finish.  It’s such a great and exhilarating feeling.  Part of the magic are the cheers you hear all around you, the feeling that you’ve accomplished a goal and the knowledge that this was ALL YOU.  

Part of the reason running a 5k feels so amazing is that it encompasses all the keys to motivation… the three things that drive every human being:

We want to feel a connection to others
We want to feel purpose, a reason, something to achieve
We want to have choice—make the decision independently.

If you’ve been having trouble motivating in any aspect of your life, try a 5k.  It will give you a sense of purpose and ultimately a great feeling of accomplishment.  You’ll practice self-discipline and focusing on one goal.  You’ll be surrounded by friendly, like-minded people and you’ll feel the crowd cheering you on.  It gives you a real sense of connection, which we all need.

If you’re motivation is out of shape, get it back by signing up for a 5k.
Just signing up starts the process.  You’ll boost your drive power, your heart rate and your endorphins. I’ll see you at the finish.  You’re gonna love it.

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