I have no interest in going under the knife. But if there’s a way to tighten my skin and make me look as young as I feel….. I’m in! FACE offers “one hour skin transformations” that don’t involve surgery. Today I went in for my one- hour transformation. Actually, it’s a two-hour transformation. I had what’s called Ultherapy. It’s an alternative to a facelift. According to Holly, the process will build elasticity in my face over the next three to six months. She showed me before and after pictures that look too good to believe. So I made her take a lot of before pictures of me so I could see if it was really working. If they tell you it’s pain-free, they’re not telling the truth. I did feel some discomfort. But looking at an aging face is uncomfortable, too. First they numb your face with tiny injections all around your forehead, neck, eyes, etc. Then they place the ultrasound wand on your skin and ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP. I had 690 pulses go through my skin. There were times when I made her stop. It can be a bit too warm or just a bit uncomfortable. But it’s not unbearable, and I have to believe that surgery would be FAR worse. They say it takes three to six months to really feel the difference afterwards. But for me, I saw immediate signs that it worked. For example, just trying to rub my lips together after putting on lipstick was a challenge. My skin is so much tighter.

And now Holly wants me to start a new home regiment with a new line of cleanser and moisturizer for redness, breakouts, inflammation etc. It’s called Epionce.