I said yes. I really said yes.

My boyfriend, the love of my life, Eduardo, popped the question. It happened at Detroit’s International Auto Show. It’s the same place where he asked me out on our first date one year ago to the day. Still… I was stunned.

It’s a second marriage for each of us. We’re planning a destination wedding this summer. Translation: I have exactly six months to get my face — specifically my skin — in shape.
Keep in mind, I’m no teenage bride. I’m 48 years old. There’s sun damage, occasional adult acne, spots from old acne, new and ever-expanding wrinkles, and bags under my eyes that Delta airlines would charge extra for.

I’d heard people talking about a place called “FACE.” Whenever someone mentioned this clinic, a small boutique-like office in the basement of the Franklin Athletic Club, it was always followed with words like, “incredible,” or “miracle worker.” My face was ready for a miracle.

FACING FACTS: My first appointment made me feel worse than I already did. It’s not because the place isn’t beautiful and serene. (It is… at least once you find it tucked away in the lower level of the building.) It’s not because the practitioner and founder, Holly CaSaroll, isn’t friendly. The moment I met Holly, I felt like someone really was going to take a personal interest in my face. The troubling part is that for the first time someone showed me how serious the sun damage, age spots and wrinkles really are. She took the most revealing picture of my naked skin that made me want to live the rest of my life with a bag over my head.

“Don’t worry,” Holly said in a warm and soothing voice. “We can get rid of all of that.”
“In six months?” I blurted incredulous. Tears were now forming in my eyes.
“In six months.”

So the clock is ticking and she didn’t waste a minute.
My first treatment was 3D Face Therapy developed by Holly. It’s really a combination of therapies which combine the best of a non-invasive medical treatment and a heavenly and relaxing facial. First, she used a medical peel. Her focus was anti-aging, reducing pigmentation and breakouts. I was all in favor!! Then she used pure oxygen, which she said was infused with “cosmeceuticals” that would increase circulation, reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen, reduce the puffiness and suitcases where my eyes used to be and plump up the lines and folds. She had me at “anti-aging.”

Of course my head was filled with questions and skepticism. Would this really make a difference? Would I have healthier, younger-looking skin? Would I look as good on the outside as new love feels on the inside?
Finally, she used a light on my skin that made me feel I was on a Caribbean vacation. I’m not sure what this medical-grade LED really does, but it felt relaxing and will supposedly stimulate collagen and elastin in my skin. The only thing missing was a piña colada and sounds of the ocean.

These three treatments, completed within one hour, left my skin with a Hollywood glow that lasted for days. I was turning into a believer.

She sent me home with some clear instructions. “Please remember not to sweat or go in a hot shower or in the sun following treatment. Do not use any aggressive home care agents such as retinoids or acids for a few days after your facial treatment.”

Oh, I forgot to mention…. while Holly concerns herself with the largest organ of my body: my skin…. I’m also consulting with a naturopathic doctor (who just happens to be Holly’s husband) about what’s going on with the rest of my organs. It’s all about finding just the right balance that will keep me glowing outside and in as I start this new chapter in life.
I can’t wait to go back.