I’m not going to lie. This FACE stuff is work. But I have to believe it’s going to be worth it. And yes, it sure does beat surgery. I got on the bed today at FACE without a real clue of what Holly was going to put me through today. I was part excited (every time I lay down at FACE it’s a new experience) and part skeptic. It started out with the Genesis Laser. Every time she mentions a laser I start to giggle. It always makes me think of Dr. Evil and his “laaaaa-ser.” I had to put on protective eyewear and prepare for extremely bright lights and some fairly intense heat. And then… Zap, zap, zap, zap, zap. Dozens and dozens of zaps of hot, bright, laser beams went deep into my skin. It didn’t really hurt though at times the heat became a bit uncomfortable and she had to pause for a moment. The purpose? Holly is going to give me smooth, evenly toned skin. Supposedly this laser (I’m giggling again just writing Laaaaser) will penetrate deep in the second layer of skin tissue where my collagen is supposed to be producing. This is supposed to stimulate that process. It’s also supposed to reduce the appearance of scars, minor wrinkles and enlarged pores. I don’t have pores on my face… I have sinkholes.

I’ll probably need four treatments of the Genesis about a month apart.

Oh… But that wasn’t all!
The next apparatus unleashed on my face was the Limelight. It starts with a cooling gel all over my face. Again my eyes were protected as Holly sent pulses of blinding light into my skin. This was not exactly comfortable. People describe it as a mild pinching. It was like someone was snapping a rubber band full speed into my face hundreds of times. The goal here is to get rid of redness or brown spots and all that darn sun damage. This wasn’t soothing, but she promises me it will be effective. After a lifetime in the sun, I have so much skin damage that I decided to unleash the power of Holly and her Limelight on my neck, chest and even my upper back. The results: FRIGHTENING!!!! First off, I felt like I had a major sunburn for a good hour after the treatment. We used icepacks to cool the area. And within minutes, my skin looked SCAREY. Every dot, freckle, brown spot that I had, and even ones I didn’t know I have are emerging on my chest and back as though I have severe measles. I’m told all of these darkened spots will seem very pronounced for the next three weeks and then flake off and fade away. WOW. I’ll let you know.

The next day: There are more freckles and spots on my chest and back. I think I’m a Dalmatian. I must really trust Holly. If this works… it’s a miracle.